Christian Weight Loss

Learn the Biblical Secret to Losing Weight Permanently

Christian Weight Loss Testimonies

These are all real testimonies that have been sent to us randomly from people who have actually read the book and watched the videos.

"I was just wanted to tell you how much i looked forward to getting your videos. You sent me some "tips" for continued success in your last email, but the strange thing is I don't feel that I need them. The Holy Spirit changed something so fundamental in me when I [did what you said in your book], and I have no lust for food anymore. It's miraculous. I pray every day that it continues. And I thank you for giving me these tools. I did watch your last video, and you're right, it was the best one." - Kelly

"I am enjoying what you have to say and have learned much just from video 4, and would like to learn more. Thank you and God Bless." - Larissa

"I have lost over 80 lbs after reading this booklet, and I'm not done yet!" – Suzanne

"Not only did this book help me to lose weight, but more importantly, it caused me to change the way that I think about everything in life." – Otis

"OMG!!! Im listening to the ebook right now...OMG!!! I need to let my Pastor (fat preacher) and my church family to hear this...this is a razor blades and lemon juice TRUTH! And amazingly, THAT is how God has always given me truth... I'm one of those people who has to hear raw truth, and let the blades cut the foolishness away... My God, I thank you so much...I don't know if you wrote this...or are responsible for this package, if not tell that person I say thank you so much... I am going to do this and THEN share it with my people...RIGHT NOW!" - Harper

" I always wondered what it would be like to research the Bible and see how it applies to weight loss. Thanks for telling the truth!" - Brian

"I think this is excellent. I like the straight forward, blunt message. I only wish that you would consider it as a group study for a class." - Pat

Hi, I have never been so impressed with the true word of GOD being spoken. I knew in my heart that everything you said was true. So, I decided to REPENT of my sin of gluttony.... God bless you for being brave enough to TELL IT LIKE IT IS." - Julie

"I am almost done with my 5 videos (I have one left) and I'm bummed because I like hearing your mini sermons. I think you should start a whole weight loss program where people could get a video a week from you." - Kelly