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Christian Weight Loss Frequently Asked Questions

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When Do I Get Access to the 5 Bonus Videos?

The 5 Bonus Coaching Videos will be sent to your email address every 5 days. The first video link will be sent to you within 24 hours from the time you make your purchase. After that, every 5 days you'll get a new video sent to you. These 5 videos have proved (for most people) to be extremely valuable so you don't want to miss one!

Why is this package NOW FREE?

The answer to this is simple—we consider this a ministry and we want to help as many people get this content as possible. Freely we have received, freely we give.

Did Pastor Rodriguez really lose almost 100 pounds?

Yes, he did. He weighed nearly 270 pounds at his maximum (though he could not find any pictures of himself at his maximum size) and today he weighs about 175. The "fat" pictures of him on this website only show him at about 250 or so (imagine packing on an extra 20 pounds to those pictures).

Does Pastor Rodriguez make guest appearances?

Sure, if and when it fits his schedule. Simply contact us to make your request.

How does the Money Back Guarantee Work?

If you do not believe that you learned anything of value from the Big Fat Sinner Combo Pack that you purchased here at, simply fill out the form on the following page to receive a full refund (form must be submitted within one year of purchase): Refund Request Form.